Unfortunate Roman Names

We’ve talked about Roman names a bit and how they can be the inspiration of visual puns on coins.  There is no pun today.  Just a really unfortunate rather common cognomen.  Brocchus.

Bucktooth.  As in, “Hey Mr. Bucktooth get in here!”  Just unfortunate.  I guess it isn’t any worse than Balbus, the Stammerer.   But really it isn’t very nice.

Do you know what else isn’t nice?  Stereotypes.  Especially, racial stereotypes.  The new Google image search seems perfectly designed to help re enforce and educate us all about common stereotypes.  Case in point:


I know this is result of the algorithm that suggests just what other people commonly search for and click on, but how deeply sad and unfortunate.

Here’s Mr. Bucktooth’s coin from 63BC who inspired this post.

And while we’re at it.  I really hope his father wasn’t THIS Gnaeus Furius Brocchus:


There is now much more recent blog post related to this type.