Cicero on Concordia – unpublished paper, c. 2011

I’ve been saying I’ll publish this paper for ages. Maybe I will but no time soon based on the length of my to do list. So I’m going to add it to my blog here just so that it is available. Perhaps it will generate comment.

Favorite slide from the presentation of this paper. Each dot represents the use of the vocabulary of concord(ia) in a Ciceronian text.
My second most favorite slide from the same talk. It shows how Cicero’s use of Opimius as an exemplum changes over time in reaction to contemporary events.

1 thought on “Cicero on Concordia – unpublished paper, c. 2011”

  1. ‘En quo discordia cives produxit miseros’ comes in the wqke of Cicero’s intense citation of concordia,nequiquam quoniam broke out the violence that Virgil registers in the persona of a dispossessed farmer & citizen, on the run to the reaches of the newly extended empire, east & west, while that puer consoldatss power at Rome.

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