AURORA and Endymion

Jeton Düştü! Thanks to RRC 453. The figure with Endymion and Luna is not Victory but Aurora.

This is just a small selection of the frequency of the appearance of Victory in these scenes with Endymion. While (thus far) I’ve not found a literary role for Victory/Nike in the narrative most ancient artists clearly found her an essential component. Thus RRC 480/1 should be identified as Luna and Endymion NOT the dream of Sulla.
ANS specimen
Naples, Arachne
Castel Gandolfo, Arachne
Mantua, Arachne
Assisi, Arachne
Villa Doria Pamphili, Arachne
Tarquinia, Arachne
Ostia (now Copenhagen), Arachne

Thus I (partially) agree with Congrossi and Fears (I have a harder time seeing an allusion to Caesar):

Fears, J. Rufus. “Sulla or Endymion. A reconsideration of a denarius of L. Aemilius Buca.” The American Numismatic Society Museum Notes XX (1975): 29-37.

Abstract: “The reverse of the denarius of L. Aemilius Buca portrays Selene and Endymion, not the dream of Sulla. It was issued after Caesar’s assassination and served as a funeral tribute to him.”

Cf. Fears, J. Rufus. “Sulla or Endymion ? A denarius of L. Aemilius Buca.” American Journal of Archaeology LXXVIII (1974): 165.

Cogrossi, C.. “Il denario di L. Aemilius Buca e la morte di Cesare.” Contributi dell’Istituto di Storia antica dell’Università del Sacro Cuore IV (1976): 169-178.

Abstract: “This denarius must have been struck between the end of April and June 44 BC. J.C. Contrary to the opinion of A. Alföldi (cf. APh XXXIV p. 458), it is not the dream of Sylla that he represents, but the sleep of Endymion, and he thus alludes to the death of Caesar. Neither the title of Dictator nor that of Parens Patriae appears there, but simply that of the monetary L. Buca. The currency, which does not admit the divinity of Caesar, but does not deny him the merits of the great man, corresponds well to this precise moment.”

Nothing about Victory in Borg or Zanker and Ewald, and Platt says the following:

Update 6/11/21:

Alföldi 1942 pl. 45
now in MANN

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