Long Family Memories?

When was the last semuncia struck before the 100s? RRC 160/5.

Wow that looks a great deal like the obverse of the Tubulus right down to the backwards sigma behind Diana’s head.

Curious I wonder if Crawford’s date of the dolphin series is update….

Why yes McCabe has done some serious work on it. He has but I was so thrilled that I missed that there were many dolphin series…. McCabe assures me that the Vatican specimen (and thus likely both) is from this Rome series struck 170s.

Mmmm. I wonder what if the Tubuli were active in the 2nd Punic War…

Can I prove that the dolphin series was made by C. Hostilius Tubulus Pr. 209 during his S. Italy campaigns? Nope. Do I think its highly likely that his descendant went and found an ancestors’ coin to emulate as he tried to resurrect the fortune of the family? ABSOLUTELY

Ah well it was fun speculation while it lasted.

So can I keep my creativity? Maybe.

If RRC 80 Dolphin was C. Hostilius Tubulus Pr. 209 at Capua …

perhaps RRC 160 Dolphin was struck by a descendant?

Maybe L. Hostilius Tubulus pr. 142 or his father?

Then thus a connection down to RRC 315?

More speculative.

I mean we do have the Mamilii using the same numismatic symbols over even longer spans of history so cannot be completely ridiculous.

RRC 160/5 was clearly known Herennius and Tubulus but how is now a bigger question.

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