Social War Overstrike?!

Checking third proofs, esp. for legibility of images…. fig. 3.21 is HN Italy 407, Italia, 90–89 BCE, denarius, 3.97 grams, ANS 1944.100.873.

The image reproduction of the coin isn’t great (YET!) so I was looking to see if it could be improved in some way as the ANS images are exceptionally hi res. I noticed some funny features. Circled above. Red could just be the helmet and Blue could be damage, but …

I wanted to compare it to an image of the same coin struck by the same dies. Thanks Campana. But I cannot find an image quickly. Boo. So now I need to get back to the proofs.

2 thoughts on “Social War Overstrike?!”

  1. Hi Liv,
    For the Paris coin (FG 115), see here:
    Indeed the part circled in red is the helmet’s crest.
    I’m not sure about the blue part but I’d say it’s damage, as there’s a teeny-tiny bit on the side of FG 115 that seems to overlay. But dies were frequently reworked for this coinage, so it’s hard to tell…

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