Amphora and Spearhead Bars (again)

One of the worrying things about RRC [12/2] is that the amphora doesn’t look much like any ancient amphora and the spearhead (esp. the notches on two of the specimens).  So today as I look at images on an old blog post, I realized how damn similar the two sides were in design.

Let me try to show you what I see in a series of photo shopped images of the BM specimen:




There is a weird logic of near visual parallels on these bars:





shield inside/outside

This design is playing the same visual game.  It makes sense within the general design motifs of early Roman coins, e.g. the Apollo l./Apollo r. series.

I also think it probably made carving molds easier.  You impress the basic outline and then just carve in the details to make it look a little sharper.

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