Oath Swearing on Glass Pastes


Working through Zwierlein-Diehl, Erika. 2007. Antike Gemmen und ihr Nachleben. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter & Co.

408 is one of two glass pastes in Berlin this motif.    Should have cited this publication in my Fides piece.  Ah well.

Notice that the creator of the glass paste did not use an impression and did not perfectly create negative of the scene which is so clearly modeled on the coinage.   He reverses the standing figures, but the kneeling figure will be rendered mirror image in any impression made by this glass paste.

Update 3/28/18:

Wow here plates are so much better that Fürtwangler.  Here’s his version (flipped to the same orientation):


and here’s the other one:


Clearly same general subject and composition model, but much less closely related to the coinage.

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