Evidence for the weight of the Roman Pound


A database just spit out this result from my using a search term looking for something quite different.  I have such mixed emotions.  This should be in a museum, not a private collection.  I’ve been to Kolophon.  I’ve seen the holes created by speculative digging among the ruins.  I’ve seen the primarily subsistence level agriculture of the current community.  I know why this is on the collector’s market.  It just doesn’t belong to any one of us; it belongs to all of us.  It is not a mass produced object.

Anyway.  I’m still glad that we have photos and details regarding its weight and other features and that I get to see it.

Ho hum.

The catalogue say: “Here, ΛΕΙΤΡΑ is the Greek translation for LIBRA in Latin and with a weight of 348 g, it corresponds fairly well to the Roman pound of 327 g. Approx.

I would point out that oxidation can effect the weight of lead objects in particular, especially when were just talking a matter of grams.

Here’s another earlier post on the weight of the Roman pound.

Here is newer bibliography: Butcher and Ponting 2015: 206-208.

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