Curule Chair and Accompanying Objects

Ny Carlesberg Glyptotek inv. no. 1465

I’m looking for the inventory number of a piece in the Glyptotek I need to footnote in this article I’m trying to send off.  Hence, I’m trying to find just the right word to get the Danish National Database of Museum holdings to spit out the right information.  Given that the database only functions in Danish (not one of my languages!), I keep getting distracted by my interesting, but incorrect search results.  Thus, this flurry of posts.

Anyway, I wanted to keep a record of this image from the high empire because of how it juxtaposes the scepter with the chair and crown.  I also want to think more about the barbarians as leg supports and how this may have evolved out of the ‘creative’ feet on some of the curule chairs in republican iconography.  I’m thinking the lion feet on the chair of the P. Fourius Crassipes on his issue as curule aedile (RRC 356/1).

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