Numa in 88 BCE?


RRC 346 features both Numa and Ancus Marcius.  Most of the plausible explanations for the series and its types relate to Ancus, Rome’s 4th king.  Numa is typically explained as Ancus’  grandfather and thus the source of his elevated status and authority.  BUT… I just came across this passage in Appian (Mith. 22) and it got me thinking:

When the consuls cast lots, the government of Asia and the Mithridatic war fell to [Lucius] Cornelius Sulla. As they had no money to defray his expenses they voted to sell the treasures that king Numa Pompilius had set apart for sacrifices to the gods; so great was their want of means at that time and so great their ambition for the commonwealth. A part of these treasures, sold hastily, brought 90,000 pounds’ weight of gold and this was all they had to spend on so great a war. Moreover Sulla was detained a long time by the civil wars, as I have stated in my history of the same.

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