Searching for Images

Bronze medal.

Before I can push the  “Tree and Sunset” article out the door I have to find an image of this metal (and some others) which have no copyright issues or minimal illustration fees.  I do not want to pay the British Museum’s hefty rates to be able to have the above image appear in print.   This nice copy from an enthusiast’s website was promising, and he was kind enough to tell me he just got his image of some long gone ebay  sale.  No luck there.  So I turned to old out of copyright catalogues which brought me to the sales catalogue for Isaac Wood’s collection from 1884, digitized by the ANS.  I was at once disheartened and elated to see how many anti-slavery types were listed, and just how many seem directly relevant to this article and which I’ve not come across before:



If you are intrigued by this post, you may also be interested in this conference I’m organizing in May 2017.

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