312 out 410 days: Dickenson College Commentaries

312 out 410 days: Dickenson College Commentaries

In the Fall semester, when we can hope this adventure in my head continues post-sabbatical, I’m running a graduate seminar on Commentaries.  I want at least one meeting to be on digital commentaries.   So I was just delighted, to find this new project with a really creative and functional interface.  Texts run a wide gamut, but look particularly appropriate for 3rd or 4th semester Latin undergraduates.   Maybe the next time I teach one of those I’ll have to try out an online textbook as it were.  I’m all for open access.

It’s a teaching and language oriented version of something like this site which is more historical in its explication, or the Vergil project which seems aimed at a more advanced student.  But the real leap forward is that DCC is crafting new commentaries specially for the web instead of building interfaces to existing print texts.

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