188 out of 410 days: Status Update on my Writing

This present chapter on popular politics has been running away from me.  I set aside my first draft with a well formulated intellectual introduction at about the ~3,000 word because I just wasn’t getting to the bulk of the coins fast enough.  I had gotten stuck in the minutae around the coins of Minucii.  So I pulled them out and wrote them up at about ~1,500 words.  I also had some even more tangential thoughts about Lepidus’ Alexandria coin that will ideally be a separate paper.  I kept that write up to about ~1,000 words.   I then started again.  I used a ruthlessly chronological structure for agrarian issues and grain supply.  I did myself an elaborate timeline first and than wrote through the evidence.  I would need a decent introduction and conclusion but it does what it needs to do and I’m generally happy with the results, but its 5,500 words.  And it was supposed to be a 1/3 of my present chapter.  In total that means I’ve written 10,000 words in the last month besides the non-sense here on the blog.  I’d be happier if it felt ready to go but it doesn’t and that’s that.  Today, I’m going to switch over to writing about libertas and citizen rights on the coinage.  There’s a pretty well trodden bibliography which should ideally make my work easier.  I don’t need to re invent the wheel I just need to survey the evidence and frame it in a user friendly way.  I hoping to perhaps abandon the chronological framework to keep the whole thing tighter and more compact.  That said history is built on chronology and the narrative of the Roman republic is one of constitutional change and development. 

The blog is still feeling useful.  At times.  I’m not allowing myself to worry about not writing here.  I put things here when writing them up is a good way to move on from an idea that’s caught my attention or write something up long form or in a chatty voice before transforming it into a sentence or two in the book.  To find out what I think by putting it down on ‘paper’ and looking at it.

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