163 out of 410 days: Roman Turducken?!

I’m spending Thanksgiving on the chronology of food distributions in Rome.  Which led me to sumptuary legislation (laws ostensible curbing expenditure and gratuitous consumption).  Which led me to this reference:

Titius assailed the times in which he lived because people served a dish called porcus Troianus, so named because it was stuffed with smaller animals as the Trojan horse was stuffed with armed men (ap. Macrob. Sat. 3.13.13).

This should not surprise me. But it did draw my mind very suddenly to Turducken.  In case you are unaware of this phenomenon, I provide a celebrity chef recipe link.  Do not consider this an endorsement.   Similarly I fear many Romans would have enjoyed this variation (again no endorsement):

Multi-bird roast

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