51 out of 410 Days: The Most Important Truth

I had writer’s block yesterday, also known as getting stuck in the scholarly literature.  I panicked [a mind set not helped by some fiendish back pain]  that I’d never understand what was going on with the absolute and relative dating of a coin series and how could I ever explain it.  Everything I read was so contradictory.  And, then it dawned on me.  That itself was the truth, perhaps the most important truth.  I don’t know and I don’t believe anyone knows with enough certainty that firm historical argumentation can be build on that chronology.   Knowing when you don’t know and saying those words aloud often and frequently creates a powerful truth.  When I was nervous the evening before the first time I taught, my Masters Supervisor poured me a small drop and told me to just be honest with the students and never be afraid to say ‘I don’t know’.  It’s made me a better teacher over the years, and at least right now its making me a better writer.

Back to my scribbling.  It’s Eid this evening and there will thus be much shenanigans to distract me later.   

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