44 out of 410 Days: Neighborhood Delights

I sent the wire transfer for the deposit on the Istanbul place.  SDA said to me first thing this morning ‘there’s no one I’d rather have adventures with’.  It will be a grand adventure, but Ditmas Park is pretty fabulous too.

This morning I cramped up between 1.5 and 2.5 miles and had to walk, so I did an extra loop at the end of my route around a long block.  At the end of that very last loop a school crossing guard, who I swear I’ve never seen before, stopped me and with a big smile said “You made it round really fast! I was watching.”   I love the eye contact and smiles along the way, but that comment takes the cake.

And, the other day I noticed this fabulous mystery item:


What is it? It’s a single work boot with a very large rock in it that has been bound in an exceptionally complicated pattern and placed just inside the perimeter of a church yard. Art?  Binding Spell?  Symbolic Catharsis?  Joke? All of the above?  You choose.  No, I did not touch it.  No, I’ve not gone back to check on it.

And then this:


The sign reads “Hey Pretty Lady who bought my table and stools on Sunday… I found a missing piece!!! I really hope you find this!!”  And yes, that is a piece of wood taped to a lamp post.  The toothy smile drawn on the sign is really the best part.

I’m going to miss this place.

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