37 out of 410 days: Drowning in Paper

Today I had to clean out my work space on campus.  Or part of my workspace.  I had to clear off a 3.5 x 6 foot bookcase that had random stacks of paper on it and the top of my filing cabinet and empty four desk drawers.  Partly because we’re getting some new (to us) glass fronted shelves instead of institutional gray and partly to make room for my substitute.  I told myself it would be a few hours.  Its been all day and most depressingly I’m not done.  I’ll be back here tomorrow.  Found some good scholarship in the stacks related to the book, but mostly it was the detritus of older projects, published or not as may be the case.  Thank goodness for the digital age and search functions.  I feel I’m working over a major transition in practical methodology.  

I also had a Skype tour of our house in Istanbul.  Very exciting. 

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