17 out 410 Days: Moving Money

I started wasting time trying to figure out where this image of a Roman banker came from.  I stopped.  It’s one of those wiki images floating around the internet without proper attribution.

Update June 8: A colleague solved the mystery for me!  I love that.  AND she introduced me to another great database I’m ashamed to say I did not yet know about!  Click on the image to be enlightened. 

I find it a little ironic that I spend a good chunk of time worrying how to pay rent in Turkey with money earned in the US.  Moving money internationally isn’t hard, just expensive.  There seems to be no way to avoid paying high transaction fees or trying to operate in cash, though even cash comes with exchange rate difficulties.  All these problems existed in the Roman world.  They had to find ways of shift large sums over large distances.  Maybe I should just bring gold…

Subletter is arranged and our Turkish Landlords are in touch. All very reassuring.  Now I just have to worry about the money.  Modern and ancient.

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