50 out of 410 Days: Am I a Classicist?

No, no.  I must be a historian.  Or a numismatist.  Or an art historian.  Or Romanist.  Or a Greco-Romanist.  Oh wait.  I’m employed — permanently — in a Classics department.  I better get over myself and admit that for all my general ambivalence towards the word and its connotations that I really am a Classicist and this thus must really be a classics blog as it is about my professional life.  [Really, very clearly this is not a food blog.]  

This issue came up as I “discovered” [in the Christopher Columbus sense] that there are other bloggers out there.  Hundreds [well dozens] all concerned about those pesky Greeks and Romans and their neighbors and what we do with them today.  What fun!  

What’s my hesitancy about the Classics label?  Well, it is a label and I did have a good hippy-full childhood.  [File under Freud.]  Then there is the whole philology thing and given the learn disability with languages…  [Just file under self-esteem and generalized anxiety.]  Then add in the dissemination of the connotations of the word, a.k.a. ‘overuse’ for the purists.  [File under ‘No, I don’t work on Jane Austin or MoTown or Model Ts’.]  

Give me a while and I’d come up with a dozen more reasons.  I am a Classicist after all.

The one thing I did notice in my peak into the blogosphere is that we classicists as a rule tend to take ourselves very seriously.  I’m not sure that’s wholly necessary. It’s not like we’re working on something like this:


That is a random plug for just one of my NGO-employed friends.  I just like to keep some perspective on my general relative impact.

On the upside, Classicists do seem to have a great sense of awe and wonder.  That’s no bad thing.