39 out of 410 days: Progress not Perfection

The weather was cool.  This helped.   It helped many things.  I averaged under a 10 minute mile for 3.4 miles.  I’ve never ran that fast anywhere but a tread mill.  That is something.  

I spoke to the Turkish consulate. 6-8 weeks for the visa. Yikes.  Tomorrow will not be a coinfest, but a bureaucratic love-in.  SDA wants me to renew my driver’s license too.  

Today while trying to learn about coins and the Decii, I instead ended up back deep in the literature on the oath scene coins.  No bad thing really.  A false start on writing a narrative but a start.  I worked until after 8 pm and then made whole wheat pasta from scratch.  Just sayin’.  A pretty nice day all in all.  Oh and banking.  I spent a chunk of the morning on the phone with my bank.  I hate talking to humans.  Good thing they were nice ones.

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