32, 33, 34, 35 & 36 out of 410 Days: Framing

I started looking for an image of someone fallen down face first to top this post. And, then I stopped.  I might feel like I fell on my face but that’s hardly an accurate descriptor and it’s good be ruthlessly honest about one’s behaviors.  Thursday was all about coins.  Amongst other things I was given a list of all the scholarship that variously re-dates republican coins post Crawford as well as annotated copies of much of the concordance tables.  Very useful.  I tracked down the die study of Malaca and started plowing through the Spanish (not as bad as German but still not my strongest academic language).  Look for an update on the previous post.  And I spend time studying a very mysterious provincial type that will be my next post.  Friday was a disgustingly hot (115 heat index) and I took a mental health day.  I talked with a colleague through my thought processes and behaviors regarding my work, personal issues, and travel. Decent insights emerged. I got a colleague to send a reference to our Turkish hosts and another to draft documentation for the visa application.   I also sorted lots of personal paperwork and generally tidied.  And then SDA and I fled the head for the AC and garden in PA.  The weekend was cooking and pruning and weeding and cycling.  This morning was a routine doctors visit.  All of it was important self care.    I’ve not completely digested the draft book proposal I was asked to read but my first impression is that it is much more thematic than mine. At 4.30 am (sleep is not my strong suit) it dawned on me that the brilliance of thematic organization for this type of work is that one may stop obsessing about completeness and aim at just the best illustrative examples.  I need to borrow some of that mentality for my own approach.

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