31 out of 410 Days: Avoidance

Ostriches do not stick their heads in the sand to avoid danger.  They do appear to have the good sense to runaway from charging baby rhinos.   I spent five hours revising the substance of the book review today, even after SDA gave me copy edits (bless him!). That’s work.  I sent it off and the proceeded to update the mirror lists:  

  • Article Due End of September
  • The Coin Book
  • New Review
  • Funding for Next Project

That’s rather different and much shorter than where we started exactly a month ago.  There is also another list with mess details about getting ready for Turkey out on the living room mirror.  I have a huge urge to avoid anything related to both Turkey and the Coin Book.  Case in point: another author in the series (an exceptionally clever guy) sent me his proposal and some chapter drafts which he knocked out in like three weeks.  He wants my feedback.  That’s nice, even flattering, possibly inspiring and helpful for my own writing, but part of me is so intimidated that I don’t even what to open the damn file.  I could research how to fill out our Visa applications for Turkey but that seems equally terrifying.  Although, I tell myself that I don’t want to do that because it will take time away from my research and writing.  So here I am talking about ostriches.  Which is also why I have a blog: to keep me accountable and honest about my work habits.  I suspect that I might need to chunk out the book project into discreet steps and make a list of those AND I’m going need to schedule time to make Turkey happen.

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