9 out of 410 Days: It’s all work



The mirror list got longer.  An editor contacted me and let me know proofs for a long ago submitted chapter were likely to show up in a week or two and I said yes to a new book review.  I really didn’t need another book review.  But the book is so good and needs to get the attention it deserves.  And, by a strange twist of fate it is about the same subject as that obscure chapter I was hunting down last week.  So when the request came in I was actually reading about the very subject.  Seemed a positive omen.

The morning has been spent on the relocation to Turkey project.  The house looks like its ago but now I need some sort of institutional affiliation to make me seem legit for the visa.  The home owner is a historian and offered to reach out to her department.  I wrote a begging email.  I kicked myself for not looking for fellowships last Nov/Dec.  Although I was in the throes of planning my wedding, running a department, and conducting a major search back then.  I’m telling myself I don’t need the ‘permission’ of a fellowship to go adventuring.    Good thing there are mirrors in most houses as I’ll need to write up my list again when we get there.  If we get there…

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