“Judaea Capta” Scholarship

Vespasian. 69-79 AD. Sestertius, 27.02g. Rome, c. Summer 71 CE. Obv: IMP CAES VESPAS AVG P M TR P P P COS III Head laureate r. Rx: IVDAEA – CAPTA around, S C in exergue, Judaea seated right on cuirass in attitude of mourning under palm tree, Jew with hands tied behind back standing right on other side of tree, captured arms on ground left and right. RIC 233 (C ). BM 532. Paris 491. Cohen 233 (8 Fr.). Ex Dr. Stephen Gerson Collection. Gemini , Auction VI, lot 434.

So I was poking around for the right thing to cite on the “Judaea Capta” coins.  I wanted something more than a set of catalog numbers, something that actually put them in context as a whole.  This was surprisingly difficult to find; most scholarship seems to assume that they are so famous the intended audience already knows the basics.  I eventually got to

[Don’t get too excited that is just a link to where you can buy a copy of the article if you can’t order it from ILL or it’s not in your local library. The author hasn’t put a copy on open access, as far as I can see.]
The article does a good job of tying provincial and Roman issues together and providing a wider historical context.  It’s readable and well footnoted, even if one may wish to bicker over any small points.  It’s far more complete in its overview than the two page piece by C. Kraay in the Israel Numismatic Journal 1963, the most common ‘general’ citation one sees for these coins.  It’s a shame it’s not in a numismatic journal or one on JSTOR or somewhere else its likely to come to the attention of a wider audience.  Hence my inclination to give it this general shout out.

Full disclosure.  I did overlap briefly with Zarrow in grad school and I find his twitter account pretty awesome too.  Lots of lovely images and a good number of coins.