Tarpeia, comparative Etruscan iconography

This cinerary urn from the Copenhagen Glyptotek got me thinking: The catalogue interpretation is that is a variation of the fatal duel with spirit as judge, usually taken to be Eteocles and Polynices. That type is common enough (see image below), but this dual sarcophagus seems to show a different narrative (as catalogue notes) notice… Continue reading Tarpeia, comparative Etruscan iconography

236 out of 410 days: Alliteration and Translation

  Tatius, legendary king of the Sabines and co-regent at Rome for 5 years with Romulus, is used by two moneyers in the Republic as an obverse type.  Tatius appear in some of the earliest Latin literature in a famously alliterative line of Ennius: O Tite, tute, Tati, tibi tanta, tyranne, tulisti What a mouthful! The… Continue reading 236 out of 410 days: Alliteration and Translation