Schaefer Guide

To learn about RRDP, what has been released, and what’s coming in future,  I recommend reading the Pocket Change blog post. This page is a work-in-progress draft of a user guide and abbreviations index that will eventually be hosted in its official form on the ANS website alongside the digitization of Schaefer’s die analyses.  This… Continue reading Schaefer Guide

Noreña Handout

Main Conference Schedule, Abstracts, Bios The Exclusionary Politics of the Late-Republican Aristocracy Carlos Noreña ( Caesar on his dignitas (BC 1.9) sibi semper primam fuisse dignitatem vitaque potiorem. “(He said that) he had always put his own dignitas first and that it was more important than his life.” Cf. Cic. Part. Or. 90: “there are two kinds… Continue reading Noreña Handout

The BnF’s RRC 11/1

  I find it pretty odd that the Paris specimen is the only one with its fillet tied left, not right.  I also note that spues are typically found at top of the caduceus not the bottom. Food for thought…. Typical Spue direction also applies to one fragmentary specimen in trade.    

Papius’ Pairs

See Crawford 1974: plates LXVI and LXVII for drawings of symbols by Erica Mattingly, with key on p. 785-790. He built on the work of E. Leuthold, RIN 1958, 21, ‘Di alcuni simboli poco noti sui denari di L. Papius e di L. Roscius Fabatus’ and Sydenham, Edward A. “SYMBOLS ON DENARII OF L. PAPIUS… Continue reading Papius’ Pairs

Not an elephant

This piece in trade has been labeled as possibly a fragment from the oh so famous one of a kind elephant and pig type (I’m agnostic on the authenticity of this specimen).  Nope.  I’m pretty confident that is as a caduceus and trident.  RRC 11/1 not RRC 9/1.