Venus Cloacina


L. Mussidius Longus. 42 BC. AR Denarius (18mm, 3.96 g, 11h). Rome mint. Shrine of Venus Cloacina: Circular platform surmounted by two statues of the goddess, each resting right hand on cippus, the platform inscribed CLOACIN and ornamented with trellis-pattern balustrade, flight of steps and portico on left; L • MVSSIDIVS • LONGVS around above. Crawford 494/43a

Pliny 15.119: At the time of the foundation of Rome myrtles grew on the present site of the city, as tradition says that the Romans and Sabines, after having wanted to fight a battle because of the carrying off of the maidens, laid down their arms and purified themselves with sprigs of myrtle, at the place now occupied by the statues (signa) of Venus Cluacina, cluere being the old word meaning ‘to cleanse.’ And a kind of incense for fumigation is also contained in this tree, which was selected for the purpose on the occasion referred to because Venus the guardian spirit of the tree also presides over unions, and I rather think that it was actually the first of all trees to be planted in public places at Rome… (Latin)


Nice images of remains and reconstruction on Wikipedia.

I rather think the left hand statue looked something like the reverse image of Caesar’s coinage:


In just a few specimens you can actually see the wings of Victory


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