47, 48, 49 out of 410 Days: Tick, Tick, Tick

I’m fond of Big Ben alarm clocks.  While living on some commune with my mother in the mountains above Santa Cruz, once at age two I crawled on top of her with such a clock and dropped it on her head to show here it was time to wake up.  That micro-story says a lot about my background and my approach to life.

The DC trip was a success.  SDA loved the Air and Space Museum.  We had some fabulous meals with friends.  The drive was gruelingly long, but we had some good conversations.  [We always seem to talk well in the car.] Mostly about changing work patterns.  Running at the end of the work day instead of the beginning to guarantee 10 hours of work time each day.   Ditching some of our visits to friends and family or modifying them so I can work some weekends or parts of weekends.

Friday, the Turkish research visa came through.  And, I ended the day by cleaning my office.  It feels lovely to be in here this morning.  And I wrote on the mirror, those proverbial words:  “Perfect is the enemy of done.”


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